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Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge Analyzes Elections at the ACS Data Users Conference


Social Explorer's co-founder and CEO Andrew Beveridge will be speaking at the soldout American Community Survey Data Users Conference this Thursday in Alexandria, VA.

Professor Beveridge and collaborator Professor Shige Song will present Is it Still the Economy Stupid? A Spatial Regression Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Election Using the American Community Survey Data and Other Materials. They are featured in the breakout session on Using the ACS for Model-Based Estimates.

Their project uses a spatial regression analysis (at the county level) of the Trump victory, as a first step towards a more nuanced analysis. Using Ordinary Least Squares and Spatial Error Regression models, their preliminary analysis revealed:

•A strong spatial association of voting in the election, beyond the simple OLS results
•A strong relationship of the proportion of white people voting for Trump
•No association with the proportion of non-college white males, rather the association is with non-college white females
•A strong association of unemployment among white people

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