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Social Explorer Data at the Museum of the City of New York

FRIDAY, NOV 18, 2016

museum-of-the-city-of-new-york-nyc-logoThe Museum of the City of New York's new exhibit New York at Its Core includes maps based on Social Explorer data. Watch the city demographics change over the decades in the video displays.


The Museum of the City of New York Presents: New York at Its Core

What made New York New York? Follow the story of the city’s rise from a striving Dutch village to today’s “Capital of the World,” and consider its future in our changing world.
Framed around the key themes of money, density, diversity, and creativity, New York City’s history comes alive in this first-of-its-kind exhibition, through the stories of innovation, energy, struggle, and the vision of generations of immigrants, politicians, tycoons, dreamers, master builders, and ordinary New Yorkers.


This is the museum's first permanent exhibit, so check out the maps and our data any time. Read more about the exhibit in the New York Times writeup.

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