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SE’s Andrew Beveridge Presents at the AAAS Conference

SATURDAY, FEB 16, 2019

Social Explorer's President and CEO Andrew Beveridge presented at the 2019 American Association of the Advancement for Science conference. His project "Nobel Prize Winners, Immigration, New York City and Foreign Roots" examines the backgrounds of US Nobel Prize winners.

First he looked at all Nobel Prizes, and found that Americans have won nearly half of all Nobel Prizes (291 of the 609 prizes). A deeper examination of the winners shows that many have roots abroad. Of the 291 American Nobel Prize winners, at least 181 (and probably more) were of foreign origin, including foreign born, children of foreign born parents or grandparents, and including mid-career immigrants.

Additionally, Beveridge's examination found that New York City has been a fertile ground for producing Nobel Prize winners. At least 47 of those 291 spent their youth in New York City.

Outside of Social Explorer, Andrew Beveridge is a Professor of Sociology at Queens and Graduate Center CUNY.

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