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THURSDAY, DEC 22, 2011

Ever since his workshop signed up for a subscription, Santa has been a fan of Social Explorer.  This very moment, he's making his map...checking it twice.

With the latest Census data, he can figure out how many occupied homes there are in the US (116,716,292 units) and where they're located.

Occupied Homes Along Santa's Route (2010 Census)

As he plans out his presents, Santa will surely want to know where children live.  With just a few clicks (and without stirring a single mouse), he can map where the nation's 40,550,019 kids under 10 years old live.

Priority Present Recipients (Children Under 10, Census 2010)

In the coming months, he'll be able to upload his own naughty/nice dataset.  We'll tell you more about that in the new year.

Happy holidays from Social Explorer!

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