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Record Population in Queens County: Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge on NY1 TV

MONDAY, APR 14, 2014

The latest Census Burea estimates revealed that New York City is on the rise, especially in Queens County. New York 1 reporter Ruschell Boone spoke with Social Explorer’s Andrew Beveridge to explain the forces behind this record growth.  

The segment explores the borough whose population increased by nearly one percent in just 12 months.  


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After showing very little growth in the 2010 Census, the government now says Queens is the second fastest growing county in the state with new numbers showing the borough accounted for a third of the 61,000 residents the city gained between 2012 and 2013...

Experts say the borough's real estate prices, diversity and proximity to Manhattan are some of the reasons newcomers find it attractive.

"If they are younger and they are not paired up they tend to live in the far west side of Queens around Astoria, Long Island City. If they are paired up they'll move to places like Bayside, Jackson Heights," said Andrew Beveridge, Professor of Sociology at Queens College.

At 2.3 million the population is at an all-time high. It's an increase of 2.9 percent from 2010, or about 65,000 people. It's a far cry from the 2010 Census which showed the population only grew by a little the decade before. Estimates now show the population growth between 2010 and 2013 in Queens accounted for nearly one quarter of the growth in New York State.

"The poverty rate in Queens is lower than New York overall. It's about 14 and change percent. That was true in 2000. It's still true today. So Queens is not an attractor of a large poor population," Beveridge said.

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