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Product Update: High resolution map export now available!


Want to print a Social Explorer map for your wall? Now you can! Social Explorer users have more control over map export than ever before. Here’s what we’ve been working on.

Print-ready maps are just a click away

We added the ability to control the dots-per-inch (DPI) setting. While this might not be critical if you’re working on an image for a blog post, you will definitely want to pay attention to DPI if you want to create a large print of a map. You can now export images in 96, 192, and 288 DPI. Due to large file size, however, we recommend selecting 288 DPI only if you’re planning to order large prints, as larger files might affect loading time of your blog page or website.


You can now download your map as a single image file or a ZIP archive containing the map, legend, and scale-bar as separate PNG files. This way you can decide where to place the legend and the scale bar to make sure they don’t cover an important area on the map, or leave them out completely.

Customize the zoom level at which map is exported

The new zoom slider allows you to choose the zoom level at which the map will be exported, which is useful if you are going to print a large high resolution map.

high quality map export detail

Improved selection box lets you make a precise selection. No pixels left behind!

The new and improved export tool comes with a view selection box. You now have fine control over what will appear in your exported image. Also included are 5 different aspect ratios, in addition to the free ratio. Aspect ratio is the ratio of width to height of the image.

Check out this short guide to learn more about using the improved export tool, and head over to our Maps page to try it out.

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