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Population Density, 2020

FRIDAY, OCT 22, 2021

New York City is still … dense. A Social Explorer analysis of 2020 Census data found that the four primary boroughs of the nation’s largest city have remained the four most dense counties in the United States over the last decade. New York County remained No. 1 in the most recent Census, with 74,781 people per square mile, followed by Kings County (39,438), Bronx County (34,920), and Queens County (22,124).

For the most part, the most densely populated counties in 2010 remained the most densely populated counties in 2020. San Francisco was No. 5, with a relatively bucolic 18,629 people per square mile. Richmond County, New York City’s fifth borough, dropped to No. 12 (8,618), passed by the Washington, D.C., suburb of Arlington County, Va. (9,179). See how your county’s population density stacks up against others with Social Explorer’s innovative, award-winning mapping and report tools.


Population Density, 2020. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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