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NY Times Explores Polarized America with Social Explorer Data and Analysis

FRIDAY, NOV 04, 2016

red_blue_nytAs the nation has become more polarized along party lines over the past few elections, The New York Times examines the different traits of Republican and Democratic counties and communities. The article, maps and graphis in "How Large is the Divide Between Red and Blue America?" by Gregor Aisch, Adam Pearce and Karen Yourish include data and analysis from Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge and Susan Weber-Stoger.

In 1992, 38 percent of voters lived in "landslide counties" (where the presidential candidate won or lost by at least 20 percentage points). Today, 50 percent of voters live in such counties. Check out the Times feature to explore differences between the Republican and Democratic landslide counties in terms of race, population size, income, marriage rates, industry sectors, and religious adherence.

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