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No Health Insurance Coverage Across the U.S.

TUESDAY, NOV 02, 2021

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 promised to slash the number of uninsured Americans; a decade later, things have improved but still have fallen short of the original goal. One in 12 Americans – 8.8 percent of the total, or 28.2 million – didn’t have health insurance in 2019, according to a Social Explorer analysis of the 2015-19 American Community Survey.

The uninsured hot spots in the United States knew no boundaries: Almost 1,250 of the nation’s 3,142 counties reported double-digit percentages of uninsured people. Aleutians East Borough reported 46.3 percent of its 3,380 residents didn’t have health insurance; LaGrange County, Ind., almost 4,000 miles away, had the second-highest rate, with 40.9 percent of its residents uninsured. They were trailed by Holmes County, Ohio (40.7 percent), Buffalo County, S.D. (39.3 percent), and Glacier County, Mont. (37.7 percent). See how many uninsured people live in your county with Social Explorer’s award-winning, easy-to-use mapping and reporting tools.


No Health Insurance, 2019. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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