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New Social Explorer Features: Improved 1980 Data and Map Client

THURSDAY, APR 14, 2011

Social Explorer is having an 80s party, specifically a data party.  This week, Social Explorer unveiled a new and improved reporting system for 1980 data.  This upgrade offers a more flexible interface for users that is more consistent with other decades.  We now include virtually all of the major data released for 1980, not just a selection.

Social Explorer also released a new map client with the ability to export a map image in a variety of resolutions (great for printing and sharing images).  Over the next few months we plan to add many new features, and the new client makes this possible.

Subscribers can access these new features through the maps and the reports tabs.  Click here to find out more about subscribing for access to the latest data and all of Social Explorer’s tools and resources.

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