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New Data for the New Year

FRIDAY, DEC 31, 2010

happy new data year

On New Years Eve, Social Explorer reflects on a year of 2.9 million maps created by over 100,000 users.  Looking to 2011, we resolve to fatten up with new data and tools.  Here's the exciting new data diet we're sticking to:

1.  The entire release of the American Community Survey 2005-09 (coming early January).

2.  A tool that automatically adjusts Cost of Living for any year since 1913, and makes it possible to compare things like income distribution from year to year.

3. Release of the 2010 Census Redistricting Data state-by-state as it becomes available (starting with New Jersey and Virginia in February).

4. The ability to overlay Social Explorer on top of Google maps and switch seamlessly between them.

5.  Interactive tools to view data on the map interface.

6.  An embed code generator to help you share maps and reports on blogs and other websites.

7.  A tool that will automatically report change over time, taking into account shifts in the data or geography.

8.  A new release of the the InfoGroup religion data for 2010.

The data gluttons at Social Explorer look forward to bringing these and other features to our users in the coming months.

Social Explorer wishes you and yours a happy New Year filled with data!

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