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New Data for the New Year

THURSDAY, DEC 29, 2011

happy new data year

Social Explorer is ringing in the New Year with new data!   The five-year American Community Survey (2006-2010) data are now available on Social Explorer.  These data come from the American Community Survey (ACS), an extensive annual survey administered by the Census Bureau to a sample of about 3 million households nationwide.  This five-year file offers subscribers a new level of detailed demographic information.  (Where the 2010 ACS shares information at the PUMA level--about 65,000 in population--and the 2008-10 ACS shares information at 20,000 in population, the five-year file shares data down to the Census Tract and Block Group.)  We also have available all of the 2010 Census Data, which is based upon seven questions, also down to the block group.

It is important to note that comparing the 2010 ACS data with earlier ACS years could lead to faulty comparisons.  Now that the Census Bureau has the official 2010 numbers, it readjusted the population base for the 2010 survey and all prior surveys in its data products.  This means that information presented in the last few years would be different because they were adjusted to the new base.  In short, comparing 2010 to say 2009, one cannot be sure if the change is real or based upon adjustment, so always check your numbers.

Also, for those concerned with the ending of the the "Legacy Version" of the Census Bureau's American Factfinder on January 20th, we want to assure you that we do not plan any interface changes.  This means you can keep accessing data from 1790 through 2010 through Social Explorer using our familiar interface.

Subscribers can access this and the rest of our data through the maps and the reports tabs. The ACS 2006-2010 data are currently up as reports, and we are testing the maps for release in a few days. Click here to find out more about subscribing to all of Social Explorer’s tools and resources.

You can expect many new features in Social Explorer in the New Year, including updated data on religious congregations, new localized data on major cities in the United States, and a host of new features for mapping, visualizing and saving your research.

Social Explorer wishes demography fans everywhere a very Happy New Year!

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