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Native-Born U.S. Population, 2010-2019

TUESDAY, JUN 15, 2021

Only three U.S. counties with no foreign-born residents in 2010 reported a 100 percent native population in 2019, according to a Social Explorer analysis of newly released 2015-19 American Community Survey data. The three – Blaine County, Neb.; Clay County, W.Va.; and Issaquena County, Miss. – were among 18 counties with no foreign-born residents in 2019, down from 22 all-native-born counties in 2010.

Nationwide, the percentage of native-born residents fell to 86.5 percent, a slight dip from the 87.3 percent reported in 2010. Miami-Dade, Fla., was the only county to record a minority of native-born residents, with 46.3 percent of its population born in the United States. View changes in the native-born population in your county over the last decade with Social Explorer’s award-winning, customizable mapping tools.


Native-Born U.S. Population, 2010-2019. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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