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Median Household Income in the U.S., 2019

MONDAY, JUL 26, 2021

Nine of the 10 U.S. counties where residents have seen the biggest increases in median household income over the last decade have built additional wealth on energy or tech, according to a Social Explorer analysis of 2015-19 American Community Survey data. In Daggett County, Utah, which borders coal-rich territory in Wyoming, incomes have soared to $75,417, an increase of almost $33,000. San Francisco, the tech Mecca of the U.S., saw median household incomes rise $29,024 over the decade, to $112,449.

Other counties with large income jumps included the Silicon Valley counties of San Francisco (up $29,024 to $112,449), Santa Clara ($22,441 to $124,055), and San Mateo (up $22,433 to $122,641). Williams County, N.D., registered a $22,348 jump in median income; it was trailed by four more North Dakota counties and one Texas county on the edge of the Permian Basin. Kalawao County, Hawaii, the nation’s least-populated county, posted a $20,462 increase, bringing its median household income to $69,375. See how your county’s median household income stacked up in 2019 with Social Explorer’s award-winning, customizable maps.


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Author: Frank Bass

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