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Median Household Income in The U.S.

FRIDAY, FEB 26, 2021

Only two of the 10 counties with the highest median household incomes weren’t located on the East or West Coast, according to a Social Explorer analysis of newly released 2015-19 American Community Survey data.  The three counties that had the highest incomes in 2010 – Loudoun, Va. ($142,299), Falls Church, Va. ($127,610), and Fairfax, Va. ($124,831) — all held the top three positions in 2019, as well.

Los Alamos County, N.M. ($121,324), home to one of the highest percentages of millionaires in the nation, ranked sixth, just behind the Silicon Valley counties of Santa Clara, Calif. ($124,055) and San Mateo County, Calif. ($122,641).  Douglas County, Colo. ($119,730) ranked ninth, trailing Howard County, Md. ($121,160), and Arlington County, Va. ($120,071). Fairfax City, another suburb of the nation’s capital, ranked 10th ($116,979). Check out Social Explorer for the latest data on the median household income in your county.


Median Household Income, 2019. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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