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Mapping Egyptian Americans

FRIDAY, FEB 11, 2011

Today, President Hosni Mubarak stepped down as President of Egypt, handing over control of the government to the military.  Egypt's people rejoiced at the end of the 30-year long repressive regime.

Celebrations are echoing across the globe, particularly in communities with many Egyptians.  Here in the US, 182,914 people are of Egyptian ancestry, according to the 2005-09 American Community Survey.  (Up from 142,832 in the 2000 Census.)

You might hear the biggest cheers in areas around Washington, DC, and parts of New York City and New Jersey.

Egyptians in Washington, DC Metro (American Community Survey 2005-09)

Egyptians DC American Community Survey 2005 2009 Social Explorer

Egyptians in New York City Metro (American Community Survey 2009-09)

NYC Egyptians American Community Survey 2005 2009 Social Explorer

Click around the maps to explore these and other Egyptian American communities.

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