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Keeping Up with Kardashian Data

THURSDAY, NOV 10, 2011

A highly publicized marriage followed by a swift divorce adds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to the long list of celebrity splits.  After recovering from the demise of this fairy tale, Social Explorer took the opportunity to look at marriage and divorce trends.

The Census Bureau tracks marital status with even more detail than reality television fans to "monitor eligibility for program services and benefits, and of changes resulting from federal policies and programs."  According to the American Community Survey, 2,113,521 women got married in 2010 (down from 2,208,971 in 2009).

After just weeks of wedded bliss, Kardashian and Humphries ended their marriage, like the millions of other divorced Americans.  Kardashian and Humphries are part of a trend that has grown even in the past year.  They join the 27,025,729 other divorced Americans--a number rose from 10.6 percent of the over 15 population in 2009 to 10.9 percent in 2010, according to the ACS.

You can explore regional trends in divorce rates on the below Social Explorer map.
Map of Divorced Population: American Community Survey 2010

This particular pair also provides truly unique data points because they would appear in both the recent marriage and recent divorce data for the 2011 American Community Survey.  We won't know for sure how many are keeping up with them until the census bureau adds a Kardashian column on the marital status table.

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