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How Many Vehicles Does the Typical Household Have in Your Metro Area?

MONDAY, DEC 20, 2021

Both used and new car prices are soaring, due largely to manufacturing shortfalls of semiconductors and other important parts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet not all Americans need or have a surplus of vehicles; in New York, for example, more than 30 percent of households don’t have a car. But a Social Explorer analysis of data compiled by Easy Analytics Software Inc. finds a surprisingly high percentage of households in rural population centers have no vehicles.

Amsterdam, about 30 miles northwest of Albany, N.Y., reported 16.4 percent of households without cars, followed by the Mississippi Delta city of Indianola (15.4 percent), Utica, N.Y. (15.4 percent), and Cordele, Ga. (14.9 percent).

Use Social Explorer’s unique, intuitive mapping and reporting tools to see how many vehicles the typical household has in your metro area.


Households With No Cars, 2020. Click Here to Explore Further.

Author: Frank Bass

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