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How is the Census Used?

TUESDAY, OCT 05, 2021

The Census has three primary purposes:

  1. It is used as the basis to create voting district boundaries that comply with federal laws requiring equal representation for all Americans. The process, known as redistricting, will be used to draw boundaries for congressional districts, state legislative districts, and other voting precincts.

  2. It is used to create a foundation for the American Community Survey, an annual survey that covers a broad range of social, economic, housing, employment, citizenship, and health characteristics. The decennial Census provides a solid population base to ensure that the ACS accurately reflects a cross-section of multiple geographic regions.

  3. It is used to identify specific populations where trillions of federal dollars will be spent over the next decade, including programs such as Medicare (the federal insurance program for older Americans), Head Start (an education program for disadvantaged youth), and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps, used to ensure food distribution for poor Americans).

Author: Frank Bass

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