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Happy Unmarried and Single Americans Week!

FRIDAY, SEP 21, 2012

This week is Unmarried and Single Americans Week.  Initially dubbed National Singles Week, the occasion was expanded to accommodate other un-partnered populations as well.  For over three decades, single Americans have been recognized with their own week.  The rise of living alone is also much-discussed topic, and  some notable singles have also earned recognition on this blog.

In 1980 when the week was first instituted, unmarried and single Americans made up 42.7 percent of the adult population (all single, separated, widowed and divorced Americans over the age of 15 counted by the Census Bureau).  By 2010, the unmarried and single population had become the majority, with 51.2 percent of Americans (according to the 2010 American Community Survey).  So, unmarried and single Americans should celebrate the week alone together.

Using Social Explorer, you can learn more about where single Americans live and how the population has shifted over the decades through maps.  (Click around the maps to explore more.)

Map of Never Married Americans (2010 American Community Survey)

And compare it with the population in 1980.

Map of Never Married Americans (1980 Census)

And, you can zoom in on any area, such as Ohio, where the celebratory week originated.

Map of Never Married Ohioans (2010 American Community Survey)

Map of Never Married Americans (1980 Census)

To get the full picture of the unmarried population, you can also explore where the divorced, widowed, and separated populations live using the mapping tools.

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