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FiveThirtyEight Highlights Social Explorer in Census Case Analysis

FRIDAY, JUN 21, 2019

The Supreme Court ruling on whether or not to add a new citizenship question to the Census will affect the 2020 survey, representation, and much more. In "How A Supreme Court Ruling Could Supercharge Republicans’ Advantages In The States," FiveThirtyEight reporter Amelia Thomson-DeVeax describes the impact the question and its legal fallout could have. She highlights SocialExplorer and our CEO Andrew Beveridge in the story. 

Our analysis of data from Andrew Beveridge, a sociologist and CEO of a data visualization firm called Social Explorer, confirms that removing noncitizens from the population count would likely help Republicans when redistricting season rolls around, by making it easier to shift the balance of political power from urban to rural areas. Using census data, Beveridge estimated how big each state’s congressional districts would need to be if only citizens of voting age were counted, then calculated how much each current district would need to grow or shrink to meet that threshold.

Using Beveridge's data, FiveThirtyEight examined congressional districts in states where Republicans have advocated for or considered counting citizens only when it comes to redistricting–Texas, Arizona, Nebraska and Missouri. The FiveThirtyEight analysis includes this visualization based on data from SocialExplorer. 

The article also references SocialExplorer's Webby Award-winning interactive project "The Threat to Representation for Children and Non-Citizens" about the Supreme Court case Evenwel v. Abbott, as well as Beveridge's companion report

Read the full FiveThiryEight article here.

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