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First Comprehensive Neighborhood Census Data Since 2000 Now on Social Explorer!

TUESDAY, JAN 18, 2011

ACS logoSocial Explorer announces the release of the American Community Survey 2005-2009 (Five-Year File).  The American Community Survey (ACS) has replaced the famous Census “Long Form,” and collects data on a variety of important topics, including education, employment, income, citizenship, place of birth, migration, ancestry or ethnic background, health coverage and so much more.

The New York Times and Social Explorer put together a selection of this data for a feature the day it was released, and now the entire ACS is available to Social Explorer users.

The data include over 23,000 columns (or data fields) and some 675,000 geographic units.  All together, there are over 11.1 billion data elements.

Much of the data is available in map form, for states, counties, places, tracts and block groups.  All of the data released by the Census Bureau, including the error files, are now accessible using our reporting tools.

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