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Export Social Explorer Slide Shows to PowerPoint!

MONDAY, APR 28, 2008

We have added a new feature to export Social Explorer slide shows to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Here is how it's done:

Fist, you must be logged in either directly or by IP range.
1. click File->New Slide show
2. add a few slides
3. click File->Export to PowerPoint
4. set presentation title then click OK
5. wait while our system produces the slide show.

fig 1. Creating and exporting a slide show to PowerPoint.

fig 2. Enter presentation title and click OK to export.

fig 3. Save or Open the PowerPoint presentation.

Now that you have your presentation in PowerPoint, you can set slide transition property to move to next slide every x seconds. In fig. 4, I set the presentation to move to next slide every second, thereby animating the slide show. This works really well when you have maps over time. For example, you can show how U.S. grew from 1790 to 2000.

fig 4. Set Advance slide property to all slides in the presentation. This will automatically move to next slide every x seconds when the presentation is running.

Sample Presentation: Download 1790-2000 Population Density

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