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Entertainment Expenditures, 2020

TUESDAY, DEC 07, 2021

The Big Apple may be the cultural capital of the U.S., but a Social Explorer analysis of data provided by Easy Analytic Software Inc. finds Tinseltown spends three times more on entertainment. Los Angeles County residents spent almost $11.3 billion on entertainment in 2020; New York, meanwhile, dropped only $2.78 billion, ranking 10th in the nation.

Other big-spending counties included Cook, Ill. ($6.4 billion); Maricopa, Ariz. ($6 billion); and Harris, Texas ($5.4 billion). Residents of 11 U.S. counties spent less than $1 million on entertainment during the year, led by Kalawao, Hawaii ($183,000), Loving, Texas ($289,100), and King, Texas ($405,800).

Explore which counties in your area spent the most on entertainment during 2020 with Social Explorer’s unique, easy-to-use mapping and reporting tools.


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Author: Frank Bass

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