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Election Day Demograpics: As Goes Ohio, So Goes the Nation

TUESDAY, NOV 06, 2012

Today, Tuesday, November 6th, voters will determine political contests around the nation.  In honor of Election Day,  Social Explorer takes a closer look at one of the key swing states in the presidential race--Ohio. 

With 11,536,504 residents, Ohio represents 3.7 percent of the U.S. population.

You can create an Ohio map to explore the state's population (from 2010 census data).  Click around to explore more.

Using the 2010 Census and the 2010 American Community Survey,  you can learn more about this pivotal state.   Here are a few quick facts.

2010 Census and ACS United States  Ohio
Population 308,745,538 11,536,504
Less Than High School 14.40% 11.90%
Bachelors Degree or More 28.20% 24.60%
Median Household Income $50,046 $45,090
Median House Value (owner-occupied) $179,900 $134,400
White 63.8% 81.1%
African American 12.2% 12.0%
Hispanic 16.4% 3.1%
Asian 4.7% 1.7%

Visit Social Explorer to create your own maps and reports for places in and out of Ohio.

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