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Dipping up Super Bowl Data

FRIDAY, FEB 04, 2011

super data bowlThis Sunday, the Green Bay Packers face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

As fans enjoy nachos, cheers and cheese hats for the big dance, Social Explorer is prepping game day demographic data.  Instead of the NFL, we're the NDL (National Data League),  and we're bringing you AFC fans American Football Calculations.

To predict how this first-time Super Bowl matchup might do, let's take a look at the teams' home cities in 2009.   Since the teams both won in the late 1990s (Steelers in 1996, Packers in 1997), we'll also look to the 1990 and 2000 census numbers.

Social Explorer Super Bowl XLV Data Matchup

As the data reveal, the more populous Pittsburgh has always had over three times as many potential local fans as Green Bay, but Pittsburgh has seen a much steeper population decline during the past two decades.  Similarly, we can trace the maximum number of gameday gatherings (and corresponding nachos and cheers estimates) by looking at the number of occupied homes.

Both team names were inspired by the manufacturing sector--the prominent Pittsburgh steel industry for the Steelers, and the meat-canning Indian Packing Company for the Packers.   As shown, the manufacturing sector has declined in both cities.  Green Bay has a larger portion of its workforce in the manufacturing industry (three times as much), but it has also seen a larger decline over the past two decades.  (2005-09 American Community Survey data offer detailed industry and occupation information.)

This Sunday, crunch some numbers with Social Explorer while you enjoy your Super Bowl snacks because no Super Bowl party is complete without a big bowl of data.

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