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Did Health Insurance Play a Large Role in the 2020 Elections?

MONDAY, NOV 09, 2020

Health insurance, a subject that was largely and curiously absent from a closely contested presidential election held in the midst of a global pandemic, didn’t appear to play a large role in the outcome of the race. President-elect Joe Biden, who promised to increase the number of Americans with health insurance, won 14 of the 25 counties with the greatest percentage of uninsured people; President Donald Trump, who has been attempting since 2017 to eliminate coverage for millions by repealing the Affordable Care Act, won the remainder. Biden won a comfortable majority of votes in Buffalo County, S.D., where 42 percent of Americans are uninsured; Trump won overwhelming majorities in Holmes County, Ohio (39.5 percent uninsured) and LaGrange County, Ind. (39.2 percent).

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Author: Frank Bass


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