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Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire 🌰

THURSDAY, DEC 16, 2021

Chestnuts have been a staple of Christmas cuisine in the U.S. since Nat King Cole’s 1946 rendition of The Christmas Song – and they may be a big part of seasonal celebrations, but they’re one of the smallest parts of the nation’s agricultural economy, with 2,185 acres bearing the nuts, according to the latest Census of Agriculture. Three states account for almost half of all U.S. chestnut production.

Most chestnuts are grown in Michigan (360 acres), California (326), and Florida (277). Four states report chestnut operations with fewer than five acres: Louisiana (two), Mississippi (two), Vermont (two), and Rhode Island (one).  Twenty-eight states reported no chestnut acreage at all.

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Author: Frank Bass

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