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Arizona Surges: Social Explorer Data in the New York Times

FRIDAY, MAR 11, 2011

This past decade, Arizona was the second fastest growing state in the nation (after Nevada), according to newly released census numbers.  In the New York Times article, "Hispanics Are Surging in Arizona," Marc Lacey reports on the boom.  Along with trends in California and Texas, the Hispanic population is driving much of the state's growth.  Yet, in Arizona that rise in the Hispanic population, though prominent, has slowed somewhat.  Graphics featuring Census and Social Explorer data accompany the article.

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In Arizona, fervor against illegal immigration is so intense that politicians have pushed some of the nation’s toughest laws and citizen activists have patrolled the border themselves. But census data released Thursday show another side of the population story: Arizonans are increasingly becoming Hispanic. Still, the increase in Hispanics, to just under 30 percent of the population last year from 25 percent in 2000, has been slower than some studies predicted. Tough economic times coupled with restrictions on illegal immigrant workers are probably responsible for driving many Hispanics away, analysts say. Additionally, the demographics of the Hispanic population help to inform public policy dynamics: Despite the size of the Hispanic population, nearly 40 percent of it is under age 18 and an untold number of others are not legally able to vote, meaning the numbers do not translate into political clout. Click here to read the full story.
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