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A Look at Native Americans on Thanksgiving Using American Community Survey Data

TUESDAY, NOV 26, 2013

turkey_imageAs millions of Americans get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday, Social Explorer takes a look at the original hosts of the holiday--Native Americans.

The Census Bureau reports data on the Native American and Alaska Native population as a race category.  According to the most recent data from the American Community Survey (ACS):  

  • With 5,226,034, Native Americans and Alaska Natives made up 1.7 percent of the total US population in 2012.
  • The Native American and Alaska Native unemployment rate of 15.9 percent was higher than that for the rest of the US (9.4 percent).
  • Native American and Alaska Native median household income was $35,310, just 68.7 percent of the overall median household income of $51,371.
  • The most popular Native American tribe specified was Navajo (312,039), followed by Cherokee (276,381).
  • The most popular Alaska Native tribe specified was Yup'ik (35,562), followed by Inupiat (29,373).

To see where the Native American and Alaska Native population lives, check out this detailed ACS 2007-11 Social Explorer map, and visit our maps and reporting tools to discover more.

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