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100 Years of US Elections Now Available on Social Explorer

FRIDAY, DEC 18, 2015

Social Explorer Announces New Release of Election Maps

Social Explorer users now have access to a century of election data.  The presidential, senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial election data come from Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections.  Building on our recent release of 2004-12 election data, these maps now span over a century: presidential elections 1912 to the present, gubernatorial elections (including off-year elections) from 1990 to present, and congressional elections from 2000 to the present.  The election data are displayed down to the district and county levels.  Click here to get started with the maps.  (These data are available for map presentation only.)

In addition to winners and voter turnouts, the maps also include voting age population, citizens of voting age population, and competitiveness.  

Check out these maps of the 1912 and 2012 presidential elections.  The bubble size represents the number of votes cast and the shading represents the different parties, offering more detail and context to the election results. 

The following map shows the competitiveness (or lack thereof) in the 2012 congressional elections.

Start exploring the election maps here, and stay tuned for more election and other data releases.

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