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SUNDAY, OCT 25, 2009

Social Explorer Scopes out the Singles Scene for The New York Times

A recent New York Times article investigates the dating scene in New York City and the distances that singles will travel to be with their significant others. In "When Love is a Schlep," Elizabeth Harris writes about inter-borough dating and the lengths that people will (or won't) go to in order to reach a date.  She explains that real estate trends have spread out the single population more than ever before. Using the latest American Community Survey data, Social Explorer analyzed the pat... more
FRIDAY, OCT 16, 2009

Social Explorer Counts Up Cougars for the New York Times

A recent New York Times article by Sarah Kershaw explores the mythologies and realities of "cougars"--older women who date and marry younger men. In "Rethinking the Older Woman-Younger Man Relationship," Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge provides the data behind the phenomenon: An analysis of census data on age difference in marriages showed that the number of marriages between women who are at least 5 or 10 years older than their spouses is still small, 5.4 percent and 1.3 percent, respe... more
FRIDAY, OCT 16, 2009

Social Explorer Receives National Science Foundation Grant for Collaborative Demographic Teaching Tools Project

Social Explorer and the University of Illinois at Chicago have been awarded a $500,000 collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation for a project to try and improve undergraduates' science skills using Social Explorer. "We're trying to train better social scientists -- sociologists, historians, demographers, urban planners and criminologists," said Josh Randinsky, assistant professor of the learning sciences in the U... more
SATURDAY, AUG 15, 2009

Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge Provided Expert Testimony for Landmark Housing Segregation Case

A federal district court ruling will compel Westchester County to address housing segregation.  Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge provided expert testimony for reports and depositions. As stated in the New York Times article covering the case, Beveridge found that, “racial isolation is increasing for blacks, falling slightly for whites” and that “income level has very little impact on the degree of residential racial segregation experienced by African-Americans.” Sam Roberts wrote that, "... more
NY Observer Interviews Beveridge About NYC Future

NY Observer Interviews Beveridge About NYC Future

Andrew Beveridge was recently interviewed by the New York Observer's real estate editor.  Below is the start, and here is a link to the full interview. Location: The theme that unites the Mayor’s 2030 PlaNYC is that the city will grow by about one million people in the next 25 years. Do you agree? Mr. Beveridge: It’s an interesting thing because the way they framed it was that it’s inevitable that the city’s going to grow tha... more
Beveridge Gotham Gazette Article on Kindergartners
SUNDAY, JUN 15, 2008

Beveridge Gotham Gazette Article on Kindergartners

The School Divide Starts at Kindergarten The recent baby boom in New York City led to an increasing squeeze in the search for the best school for the budding kindergartner or first grader. Unlike other recent spurts in enrollment, the latest surge has had the great effect in Manhattan, especially among highly affluent non-Hispanic white families The number of white toddlers (ages 0 to 4) in the city has increased greatly. In decades past, white families and more affluent families would oft... more
SATURDAY, DEC 22, 2007

Beveridge's Gotham Gazette Articles 2001 to 2007

Will the 2010 Census "Steal" New Yorkers? (December 2007) Proposed changes in counting methods for the 2010 Census could show a leveling off or even a decline in New York's population, costing the city money and power. The End of ‘White Flight’? (November 2007) Many of the trends in New York City’s population that marked the latter half of the 20thcentury, including an increase in foreign-born New Yorkers and a decline in the number of whites, appear to have halted, and some even have been re... more