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MONDAY, SEP 13, 2021
Married Households with Children

Utah has traditionally had the highest percentage of married couples with children in the United States, and that didn’t change in 2019. A growing number of nucl... more

MONDAY, AUG 30, 2021
How Connected is the United States?

Children attending schools in wealthy districts may have more to lose than poor kids if another year of pandemic-driven online learning occurs. Extracurricular sports ... more

MONDAY, AUG 30, 2021
Median Household Income in the U.S., 2019

Nine of the 10 U.S. counties where residents have seen the biggest increases in median household income over the last decade have built additional wealth on energy or ... more

MONDAY, AUG 30, 2021
Is New Home Construction Slowing Down?

A shortage of new construction is being partially blamed for a nationwide affordable housing crisis, especially in East and West Coast metros. But a TractIQ analysis o... more

Quality of Life Across the United States

Impossibly high housing prices, constant threats of wildfires and earthquakes, and some of the nation’s worst traffic? For all its downsides, nine of the 10 U.S.... more

Change in Unemployment, December 2019-2020

The degree to which the COVID-19 wrought havoc on the nation’s economy will be studied for years, but a TractIQ analysis of federal data finds employment had fai... more

Where in the United States do they Spend Most on Food?

The cost of housing may be a problem almost everywhere, but a TractIQ analysis of data compiled by Easy Analytic Software Inc. finds food costs make up the larger shar... more

MONDAY, AUG 09, 2021
How has the Native-Born U.S. Population Changed in the Last Decade?

Only three U.S. counties with no foreign-born residents in 2010 reported a 100 percent native population in 2019, according to a TractIQ analysis of 2015-19 Ameri... more

MONDAY, AUG 09, 2021
Median Income in Black Households, 2019

Counties with high median incomes for Black households differ considerably from places with high incomes for white households, according to a TractIQ analysis of ... more

MONDAY, AUG 09, 2021
Who’s Eating Their Fruits and Veggie?

Who’s eating their fruit and vegetables? Apparently, people living on the West Coast, according to a TractIQ analysis of data compiled by Easy Analytics Software... more

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