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Data Filtering Now Made Easy on Social Explorer!

Filter areas by criteria Say hello to our brand new beta feature, Filter areas by criteria! This dynamic and intuitive data filtering tool powers your research by enab... more

THURSDAY, AUG 08, 2019
Analysis Shows Almost Even Split Between Naturalized and Non-Citizen Immigrants

In the wake of a debate over the possible addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, the words “immigrant” and “non-citizen” are being used interchangeably... more

Andrew Beveridge’s Report Reveals How NYC’s Housing Policy Perpetuates Segregation

In light of the issue of racial segregation becoming a political flashpoint in New York City, the recent release of Social Explorer CEO Andrew Beveridge’s report... more

Social Explorer debuts new features

In the past three months, Social Explorer has added new features designed to allow users to do more with our platform. We hope this leads to new insights and stor... more

THURSDAY, JUN 27, 2019
High Court Leaves Door Open (Barely) for 2020 Citizenship Question

Non-Citizen Growth Highest in GOP Strongholds A Supreme Court ruling today (June 27) that delays a decision on the inclusion of a citizenship question on the 2020 Cens... more

FRIDAY, JUN 21, 2019
FiveThirtyEight Highlights Social Explorer in Census Case Analysis

The Supreme Court ruling on whether or not to add a new citizenship question to the Census will affect the 2020 survey, representation, and much more. In "Ho... more

TUESDAY, APR 23, 2019
Social Explorer provides direct sales and support to academic institutions

As of April 22, 2019, the Social Explorer software is being distributed directly by Social Explorer, Inc.  We made this change to have a more direct relationship ... more

TUESDAY, APR 23, 2019
Social Explorer Tool Demonstrates the Potential Impact of the Census Citizenship Question

The Trump administration seeks to add a new question to the 2020 Census asking the citizenship of all people in the country. The current U.S. Census asks 10 demog... more

Social Explorer’s Andrew Beveridge in Supreme Court Amicus Brief on Citizenship Question

Social Explorer's co-founder and president Andrew Beveridge contributed to an amicus brief of historians and social scientists in the legal case surrounding t... more

TUESDAY, APR 02, 2019
Social Explorer’s Andrew Beveridge Assists Long Island Election Case

A group of Long Island, NY, residents and community groups are suing to change the way Islip Town Board members are elected. Their lawsuit alleges that the current at-... more

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