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THURSDAY, NOV 24, 2022
Social Explorer Data and Visualizations Play Important Role in Kentucky Reproductive Rights Victory

Advocates for preserving women’s reproductive rights in Kentucky used demographic data from Social Explorer to identify and encourage potential voters during the...

TUESDAY, NOV 22, 2022
Social Explorer analysis for New York Times finds 80-year-olds aren’t limited to White House

What do most elderly Americans have in common with President Joe Biden? About 1.27 million, or 1 in 25, are over the age of 80, according to a Social Explorer ana...

TUESDAY, OCT 25, 2022
In the Districts of the 139 Congressmen Who Refused to Certify Biden’s Election, The White Majority is Fading, the Economy is Changing and There’s a Pervasive Sense of Loss

Through the help of Social Explorer’s demographic mapping and visualization tools, The New York Times analyzed the demographics of Republican districts that foug...

Could Disputes Over the 2020 U.S. Election be Tied to Race?

A Social Explorer analysis used in a New York Times investigation may be evidence. The analysis shows that the 139 Republican lawmakers who voted agains...

THURSDAY, OCT 06, 2022
Leveraging Demographic Data for Non-Profit Organizations: The Social Explorer Advantage

Census data isn’t just for large corporations with well-funded research departments. An increasing number of nonprofits – spanning categories from librarie...

MONDAY, SEP 26, 2022
Racial Ethnic Changes According to the Newly Released 2021 ACS 1-Year Estimates

The 2021 American Community Survey (ACS) single-year sample, the first release since the COVID-19 pandemic began in earnest, may contain population estimates that are ...

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