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Social Explorer Posts First Tweet!
SUNDAY, AUG 29, 2010

Social Explorer Posts First Tweet!

Social Explorer has started tweeting!  Click here to follow us for all the demographic action on our blog and Facebook Page. more
FRIDAY, OCT 09, 2009

New Feature: 2008 Data Now Available on Social Explorer

Earlier this month, Social Explorer unveiled 2008 data, enabling subscribers to work with the most currently available demographic information.   The data come from the American Community Survey (ACS), an annual survey administered by the Census Bureau to a sample of about 3 million households nationwide.  The results from the 2008 survey were recently released and Social Explorer has them ready for use.  In concert with the decennial Census, Social Explorer... more
MONDAY, AUG 31, 2009

Social Explorer Debuts 2006 Census Tract-level Estimates

Earlier this month, Social Explorer unveiled new estimates that let subscribers work with Census tract-level data for the year 2006.  The new resource enables deeper research for more recent years of data. Social Explorer constructed this dataset using data from both the published and public use micro-sample of the 2005-2007 American Community Survey (ACS), and geographic boundaries from the 2000 Census.  Social Explorer allocated six-year changes at the ... more
Website upgrade!
TUESDAY, JUL 22, 2008

Website upgrade!

Last week we put up the newly redesigned Social Explorer website. We have have improved the look and feel, navigation and added a new section called 'Help' which contains documents and examples on how to use Social Explorer. The help section was written and illustrated by Zanna Hendrey. We hope you enjoy the new site! more


We have started a mailing list for Social Explorer! Our plan is to send out a simple news-letter email to our mailing list subscribers four to six times a year. This way we can keep you informed about new developments and data releases at Social Explorer, but not overwhelm your inbox. We hope you join. Sign up here! more
MONDAY, APR 28, 2008

Export Social Explorer Slide Shows to PowerPoint!

We have added a new feature to export Social Explorer slide shows to Microsoft PowerPoint. Here is how it's done: Fist, you must be logged in either directly or by IP range. 1. click File->New Slide show 2. add a few slides 3. click File->Export to PowerPoint 4. set presentation title then click OK 5. wait while our system produces the slide show. fig 1. Creating and exporting a slide show to PowerPoint. fig 2. Enter presentation title... more
MONDAY, APR 21, 2008

Social Explorer Now Supports Opera Browser ver. 8 & 9

Thanks to the good folks at the Opera Software company, we now support Opera Browser version 8 and 9. Opera used to report itself as MSIE in the navigator.appName() javascript function prior to release 9, so when they switched to identifying themselves as Opera, our scripts were a bit off. Social Explorer now supports Opera version 8 & 9! more