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FRIDAY, APR 06, 2018
Living on Less than $2 a Day

Whenever you hear people talk about poverty, they tend to talk about it as a line. You’re either above the poverty line, or below it. If you are below the line, ... more

Product Update: Improved Data Upload, Satellite View, and Embedding

Our developers have been busy working on improving data upload and we’re super excited to announce the latest iteration. For some time now, you could upload your... more

TUESDAY, JAN 30, 2018
Try Social Explorer’s New and Improved Geo Selection Tools

We are constantly striving to make Social Explorer as easy to use as possible, without sacrificing power. And we’re sure you’re going to love the improveme... more

SUNDAY, JAN 28, 2018
Social Explorer’s Andrew Beveridge on CNN Discussing Citizenship and the Census

Social Explorer's co-founder and president Andrew Beveridge appeared on CNN's Smerconish Show along with Justin Levitt of Loyola Law School this weekend to dis... more

TUESDAY, NOV 28, 2017
Social Explorer Wins Charleston Advisor Award!

Social Explorer has been named the Best New End User Product in the Charleston Advisor’s sixteenth annual Readers’ Choice Awards! The Charleston Advis... more

FRIDAY, NOV 18, 2016
Social Explorer Data at the Museum of the City of New York

The Museum of the City of New York's new exhibit New York at Its Core includes maps based on Social Explorer data. Watch the city demographics change over the deca... more

How to Vote for Social Explorer in the Webby Awards People’s Voice Competition

Follow these simple instructions to vote for Social Explorer's Threat to Representation for Children and Non-Citizens interactive project for the People's Voic... more

MONDAY, APR 04, 2016
Supreme Court Upholds Population Equality Standard, But Door Still Open for Big Change in State Redistricting

Supreme Court Case Update and Potential Impact of Counting Eligible Voters on Redistricting A legal challenge nearly altered how people are counted and how districts a... more

Social Explorer at the Social Science History Association Conference

Meet Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge and Daniel Miller at the Social Science History Association Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD, this week. The conference... more

SATURDAY, AUG 22, 2015
Social Explorer’s Andrew Beveridge at the American Sociological Association Conference

Meet Social Explorer's president and co-founder Andrew Beveridge at the American Sociological Association's annual conference in Chicago this weekend... more

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