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Social Explorer, Inc. is a small business specializing in data and information design. We develop innovative technologies and applications that enable both technical and nontechnical users to gain new insights and realize benefits from large, complex or diverse data. With deep expertise in data handling and interactive design, we collaborate with clients on the design, content and interactivity of each project. Our partners include the U.S. Census Bureau, Pearson Publishing, the New York Times, Ellis Island Museum, Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and other public and private clients. Millions of people around the world have used our products to explore visualizations and create their own maps and reports. is our award winning demographic data visualization and research website designed to engage users through dynamic maps and customizable reports. From research libraries to classrooms to government agencies to corporations to the front page of the New York Times, helps the public engage with society and science.

Data Resources

  • Access current and historical demographic data with ease:
    • The entire U.S. Census from 1790 to 2010.
    • The entire American Community Survey (ACS) from 2005 to 2014.
    • The FBI Uniform Crime Report from 2010 and 2012.
    • The presidential, congressional and gubernatorial results from the Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections from 1912 to 2014.
    • The Religious Congregations and Membership Study (RCMS) from 1980 to 2010.
    • The County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Program data from 2010 to 2016.
    • Carbon Emissions Data for 2002 from the Vulcan Project.
    • The United Kingdom Census from 2011.
    • The Canadian Census from 2011.
    • The Eurostat survey from 1990, 2000, and 2010 to 2013.
    • The World Development Indicators from 2013.
    • Irish religion and population data from 1911 to 2001.
    • Plus new data sources added throughout the year.
  • Stay current with the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, which is processed and added to the site as soon as it is released.
  • Browse full source documentation for all reports and maps, as well as the source and computation information for every variable.
  • Replace printed volumes spanning 22 decades of census surveys with easy-to-compare data all in one place and one format.

Tools & Features

  • Visualize data with customizable, user-friendly maps, allowing unparalleled exploration of demographic and social change to reveal the patterns behind the raw numbers.
  • Create thematic and interactive maps that explore historical and modern U.S. census data across the centuries and even down to street level detail (where available).
  • Search for geographies with ease using the address find tool.
  • Export, save, and print maps and reports for professional-looking presentations and graphics. High-resolution images are available and any presentation can be exported directly to PowerPoint.
  • Create multi-map presentations with the interactive slideshow tool for in-depth comparisons and storytelling.
  • Graph and chart data with easy on-screen tools to investigate the information and communicate your findings.
  • Save projects in your personal MyExplorer account for archiving, collaboration, and more.
  • Share your creations in presentations and online through email, social media and website embeds.
  • Create data reports at all geographic levels, including state, county, census tract, block group, zip code, and census place (where the data exist).
  • Download data to a variety of file formats for use with your favorite statistical package. Our reports automatically calculate aggregates, percentages, inflation adjustments, and medians to save time and eliminate errors.
  • No software to install or maintain, making it hassle-free for librarians and users. The site works entirely on the web, allows for convenient remote access, and provides many basic GIS and data manipulation functions.
  • An ideal teaching resource that employs an engaging visual approach to demographic information for courses across the social sciences, and trusted by Pearson Publishing as a leader in social science online learning.

Partnering with Social Explorer

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