THURSDAY, OCT 21, 2010

Social Explorer Goes to the USA Science and Engineering Festival

This weekend, science enthusiasts are taking over DC for the USA Science and Engineering Festival organized by globally renowned science event producer, Lawrence Alan Bock. The festival aims to re-invigorate the interest of the nation’s youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by producing and presenting the most compelling, exciting, educational and entertaining science gatherings in the United States. Social Explorer will be at the American Sociological Association exhib... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, OCT 21, 2010

California Girls and Gurls by the Numbers

As the fall weather moves in, Social Explorer is looking westward to enjoy a little more of those California beaches.  Inspired by several songs about this great state, we can use Social Explorer to sing with data. After humming along with Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” and The Beach Boys 1960s hit “California Girls” (remade by David Lee Roth in 1985), what is the state of West Coast women? With Social Explorer, users can quickly compare maps and reports across the decades.  Looking at th... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, OCT 14, 2010

Mining Data on the US Mining Industry

Now that the trapped Chilean miners have all been safely rescued, Social Explorer takes a look at the mining industry here in the US. With detailed maps and reports, Social Explorer can help trace mining over time. According to the 2000 Census, there were 496,370 miners in the US, representing just 0.4% of the over 16 employed civilian population. By comparison, the largest industries were manufacturing (14.1%), retail trade (11.7%) and health case and social assistance (11.2%). Small in... more
by Sydney Beveridge


Coming Soon to Social Explorer: New Religion Data

Social Explorer will soon have access to new religion demographics from infoGROUP's American Church List (ACL) data. Users will be able to examine the data at different levels of detail, and view information about every congregation in the US. Building on Social Explorer's 1980, 1990 and 2000 religion data, this new data will enable a more thorough and current examination of religion in the US. more
by Sydney Beveridge

SATURDAY, SEP 18, 2010

Chilean Independence Day Data: Chileans and Spaniards by the Numeros

Two days after Mexicans declared independence from Spain, Chileans began their battle for independence.  September 18th, 2010, marks the 200th birthday of the Republic of Chile. Social Explorer helps you learn where Chileans live in the US.  As of the 2000 Census, 68,849 Chileans resided across the US, including at least one famous Chilean-born star in Marlborough, New York. Census 2000: Number of Chileans (each dot represents 10 people) Social Explorer also lets you examine the Spaniard ... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, SEP 17, 2010

Andrew Beveridge's New Gotham Gazette Column: Making Census Counts Accurate

In his latest Gotham Gazette column "Census Likely to Offer Accurate Count of New Yorkers," Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge assesses the Census Bureau's count of New York City households.  He discusses the improved response rate and practices for correcting gaps and inaccurate data, "In short, the 2010 Census is shaping up to be very accurate and reliable." Census data collection does not end when you fill out your form or an enumerator knocks on your door.  Some residents are never reache... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, SEP 16, 2010

Mexican Independence Day Data: Viva Mexico En Los Estados Unidos

On Sept. 16, 1810, Mexican insurgents began the fight for independence from Spanish loyalists, and 11 years later, they won it.  Today marks the 200th anniversary of Mexican Independence Day. With Social Explorer, you can examine where Mexicans are now.  Maps offer portraits of where the US's 20,640,711 Mexicans live. Census 2000: Number of Mexicans (each dot represents 10 people) And, Social Explorer can illustrate what percentage of the population is Mexican. Census 2000: Percenta... more
by Sydney Beveridge

SATURDAY, SEP 11, 2010

Protests, Religion and Data in Gainesville, Florida, on 9/11

The latest in the Islamic center controversy has the media focusing on a small church in Gainesville, Florida.  Here, Terry Jones, the outspoken anti-Islam pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center, has the spotlight.  Just this week, he cancelled a planned 9/11 Koran burning protest and is now visiting New York City. This pastor and his 50 parishioners have the world’s attention, but how representative are they? Beyond ideologies, Social Explorer can provide helpful numbers and context.  T... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, SEP 03, 2010

Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge on the Gender Wage Gap

In The Wall Street Journal's "Young Women's Pay Exceeds Male Peers'," Conor Dougherty reports the latest findings on 20-something women. In 2008, single, childless women between ages 22 and 30 were earning more than their male counterparts in most U.S. cities, with incomes that were 8% greater on average, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data released Wednesday by Reach Advisors, a consumer-research firm in Slingerlands, N.Y. In the article, Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge "I e... more
by Sydney Beveridge

SUNDAY, AUG 29, 2010

Social Explorer Posts First Tweet!

Social Explorer has started tweeting!  Click here to follow us for all the demographic action on our blog and Facebook Page. more
by Sydney Beveridge

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