TUESDAY, DEC 17, 2013

Social Explorer and Census Bureau Collaborate on Census Explorer

Social Explorer collaborated with the Census Bureau to create Census Explorer, a new visualization project, that launches today in connection with the release of the latest American Community Survey data (the five-year file from 2008 to 2012).   Powered by Social Explorer, Census Explorer opens up data to the public through interactive maps developed by Social Explorer.  The site's easy-to-use online tools encourage users to explore demograp... more
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TUESDAY, JUN 25, 2013

Introducing the New Social Explorer Website

As we announced earlier this month, Social Explorer has just launched a new website.   The new site is now the primary one when you visit www.socialexplorer.com.   Since yesterday, we have increased the number of servers for the site to correct any slowness issues. For an overview of the site, visit the about page and check out the how-to video here. Social Explorer Video Tutorial 1: Map Basics (version 2) from Social Explorer on Vimeo. We are glad to... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, JUN 07, 2013

Social Explorer Announces Website Relaunch

We are delighted to announce that this spring and summer, we will be rolling out a new version of Social Explorer with an improved website and more features.  This relaunch begins with our new website, now available in beta here. Social Explorer first launched in 2003 and has become an award winning online research tool.  You will soon enjoy expanded data resources, quicker maps, more ways to visualize data, new ways to share your projects, and much more. Building on years of data and tech... more
by Andrew Beveridge


Customized Social Explorer Maps Illustrate Segregation for Remapping Debate Feature

A new article on Remapping Debate examines persistent racial segregation in the US.  The story "Mapping and analysis of new data documents still-segregated America," explores the realities of racial segregation in neighborhoods across the nation.  Working with tools provided by Social Explorer, Remapping Debate released interactive maps that can zoom down to the Census Block Group level anywhere in the US, showing the high concentration of segregated neighborhoods. Social Explorer segregation m... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, OCT 16, 2009

Social Explorer Receives National Science Foundation Grant for Collaborative Demographic Teaching Tools Project

Social Explorer and the University of Illinois at Chicago have been awarded a $500,000 collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation for a project to try and improve undergraduates' science skills using Social Explorer. "We're trying to train better social scientists -- sociologists, historians, demographers, urban planners and criminologists," said Josh Randinsky, assistant professor of the learning sciences in the UIC College of Education. This project is called "Creating ... more
by Sydney Beveridge


Social Explorer cited in The New York Times

Social Explorer was cited by the New York Times on a graphic piece that appeared on the front page of The New York Times website today. To view Visit: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/03/10/us/20090310-immigration-explorer.html?hp more
by Ahmed Lacevic

MONDAY, APR 21, 2008

Social Explorer map version 12.6 released

Another important update! Map version 12.6 release displays missing values with cross hatched lines and features that are not populated enough to compute a statistically significant outcome (our rule is less than 100 population count) are colored light gray. Fig. 1 - Census tracts 1950, % Black Population. Notice New Jersey has missing data so it is crossed out, and some tracts in NY are grayed out because not enough people live there. more
by Ahmed Lacevic

MONDAY, APR 21, 2008

Social Explorer Maps Version 12.6 Tweaks

Over the weekend we updated maps to version 12.6. A few minor tweaks and additions, but they will make your map viewing more pleasant. We updated the streets layer to blend into the map a bit more and we are now using a single color for all streets so it is easier to distinguish them from other map features. I won't bore you with details but take a look at the difference between version 12.5 and 12.6. ver. 12.5 ver. 12.6 more
by Ahmed Lacevic