UPDATE: Beveridge on New York City Redistricting in Gotham Gazette

Following up on his initial analysis of the New York City Council's proposed redistricting plans, Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge wrote an update for Gotham Gazette now that the plans have been released to the public. In "What the Next City Council Will Likely Look Like," he gives a district-level analysis of the changes, an assessment of minority representation and Voting Rights Act clearance, and a discussion of incumbency and partisan protection: The next City Council will likely be demo... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, NOV 15, 2012

Gotham Gazette Column: Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge on Redistricting the NY City Council

Tonight a critical vote will decide New York City's future council districts.  Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge writes about city redistricting in his latest Gotham Gazette column "Proposed City Council Districts Protect Incumbents." The once-a-decade drama of redistricting the New York City Council is almost complete, with a key vote on proposed maps by a commission appointed by the mayor and Council party leaders expected tonight. Much is at stake, not for party control, but over who w... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, NOV 01, 2012

Hit by the Storm: A Look at Some of the Communities Most Affected by Sandy

This week, Hurricane Sandy tore through the Atlantic and landed on the East Coast.  After high winds and flooding, dozens of people died in the storm, millions remain without power, and property all along the coast suffered damage. Using American Community Survey data from 2006-10, Social Explorer takes a look at a few of the New York-area communities hit hardest by the storm. In New York City, the storm left behind flooded transit tunnels and a power station exploded, shutting off for ove... more
by Sydney Beveridge

TUESDAY, SEP 11, 2012

SE's Andrew Beveridge in NY Times Article about Internet Service and Inequality in Kansas

Google recently announced that it will provide internet service--Google Fiber--but many disadvantaged minority communities that would be eligible for it may not get it.  In the article "In One City, Signing Up for Internet Becomes a Civic Cause," John Eligon writes about digital and socioeconomic divides in Kansas City.  The company requires locals to signup in advance to ensure coverage, but many predominately black areas may go under-served because not enough residents pre-registered.  Eligon ... more
by Sydney Beveridge


SE's Susan Weber-Stoger in the NYT on Racial Disparities on the Upper East Side

In the New York Times article "A Stubborn Racial Disparity in Who Calls the Upper East Side Home," Elizabeth Harris discusses the continued lack of diversity on the Upper East Side, and interviews some of the few African Americans living in the neighborhood.  She cites data and analysis from Social Explorer's Susan Weber-Stoger. It has been more than 35 years since the television family the Jeffersons moved on up to the East Side. The main character, George Jefferson — played by Sherman Hemsl... more
by Sydney Beveridge

TUESDAY, AUG 07, 2012

SE Data and Maps in NYT Article on Ethnic and Class Divides in Anaheim, CA

In the New York Times article "Fury Reveals Deep Rifts Near ‘Happiest Place on Earth,’" Jennifer Medina details the historic and growing divides along ethnic and class lines in Anaheim, CA.  The story also features data and maps from Social Explorer. There have always been divides in this city south of Los Angeles, where Disneyland and professional hockey and baseball teams bring in millions of visitors each year. The money generated by the resort area makes up roughly a third of the city’s a... more
by Sydney Beveridge

TUESDAY, JUL 24, 2012

SE's Andrew Beveridge Defends the American Community Survey Against the Politicians Who Want to Kill It (in the Gotham Gazette)

Amidst the usual partisan wranglings in congress, a movement has emerged to end the American Community Survey, the annual detailed data collected by the Census Bureau from a sample of households across the nation. In his latest Demographics column for the Gotham Gazette "The Attempt to Kill the ACS: Its Implications for New York City," Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge details this proposal and what it could mean for policy makers, researchers, and the public. Today, the American Communit... more
by Sydney Beveridge

MONDAY, JUL 09, 2012

SE's Andrew Beveridge on NYC's Pop Growth in the NY Times

New York City is more crowded than ever according to newly reported Census data.  In "New York Led Country in Population Growth Since 2010 Census," Sam Roberts details the big apple's dominance for the New York Times. An analysis of the latest reported population changes since the April 2010 census found that New York City grew at twice as fast a rate as the rest of the metropolitan area and faster than the city’s annual growth since 2000, because of higher birthrates among immigrants, a ... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, JUN 29, 2012

SE's Andrew Beveridge in the NYT on the Boomerang Generation

They invade homes every summer, and their numbers are growing.  They are young adults returning home to live with their parents.  In the New York Times article "Offspring Who Cling to the Nest," Gina Bellafante observes specimens from this species up close, and cites data from Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge. We are now at the end of the season when college graduates move out of their dorms and on to their new lives. But it seems as if many of them end up back in their old rooms at home. T... more
by Sydney Beveridge

MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012

In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark, US Population Growth

Social Explorer and Oxford University Press took a trip through the American West 200 years ago.  See the Oxford University blog post here, also available on Oxford's website. On this day in 1804, two Virginian explorers set out on a journey west in what would become the legendary Lewis and Clark Expedition. And in their footsteps, we can follow America’s expansion west. Back in 1800 before the epic trip, the US population was 5.3 million. Ten years later, it increased to 7.2 million — a 3... more
by Sydney Beveridge

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