THURSDAY, MAR 27, 2014

Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge in the NY Times on New Census Estimates and Population Growth

Newly released Census Bureau estimates reveal that New York City has been growing in size for the past three years.  Sam Roberts explored the trends in migration, births, and deaths for the New York Times in "Population Growth in New York City Is Reversing Decades-Old Trend, Estimates Show."   For the year ending July 1, 2013, an influx of foreigners combined with a continuing decline in the loss of migrants to other states increased the population by more tha... more
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THURSDAY, FEB 27, 2014

U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Highlights Census Explorer in Silicon Valley Speech

Census Explorer, the recently launched collaboration between the Census Bureau and Social Explorer, added County Business Patterns data on establishments, employees, and average pay, with a special focus on the tech sector.  Over 100,000 users have created more than 3.7 million maps with Census Explorer.   The tool and upgrade earned praise from the top levels of government.  U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker spotlighted the advancements the Census Bu... more
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MONDAY, DEC 30, 2013

Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge on Population Shifts for WNYC's The Takeaway and the NY Times

New Census Bureau estimates reveal that Florida has overtaken New York in size.  In the New York Times article "New York Soon to Trail Florida in Population," Jesse McKinley recently examined how the Sunshine State has become the third most populous state.  He cites data and analysis from Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge: The census figures underscore immigration trends, as foreign-born migrants continue to move to warm-weather states such... more
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FRIDAY, DEC 20, 2013

Census Explorer Update: Thousands of Users Creating Millions of Maps

In just three days, Census Explorer has empowered thousands of users to create millions of data maps.  The visualization project opens up data from 1990 to the present through interactive maps developed by Social Explorer.  Since the launch on Tuesday, over 55,000 users have created more than 2,200,000 maps.  (Try the site for yourself here.) Census Explorer is built on the same revolutionary technology as Social Explorer, but offers just a... more
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THURSDAY, DEC 12, 2013

Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge Talks About Bloomberg's Legacy on WNYC's the Brian Lehrer Show

Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge appeared on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show to talk about demographic trends and Bloomberg's legacy.  In the special edition of the show "Three Questions About Bloomberg," Brian Lehrer asks listeners and experts: 1) Did Bloomberg make you healthier?   2) Did Bloomberg leave you behind? 3) Did Bloomberg secure our future? Beveridge and Mark Winston Griffith of the Brooklyn Movement... more
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TUESDAY, NOV 19, 2013

Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge Examines NYC Income Changes on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show

Today, Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge appeared on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show to talk about money.  Specifically, Beveridge, Lehrer and callers discussed how incomes have changed in New York City from 2007 to 2012, and what might be causing those shifts.  Listen to the archive here, and check out highlights from the conversation below. The segment covered changes in different neighborhoods, and encouraged listeners to explore WNYC's interactive... more
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THURSDAY, SEP 26, 2013

New Gotham Gazette Article: The Uniqueness of Dante DeBlasio

A new Gotham Gazette article by Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge looks at the mixed race population in New York City.  The mixed race 16-year-old son of Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio was the breakout star of this year's elections. Does Dante de Blasio represent a growing demographic of biracial New Yorkers?  In the "Uniqueness of Dante de Blasio," Beveridge explores these questions and presents data on New York City and national trends.  ... more
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FRIDAY, JUN 21, 2013

National Science Foundation Highlights Social Explorer

Since Social Explorer first began, the National Science Foundation has supported our resource and tool development through a series of grants. NSF recently highlighted Social Explorer's work on Research.Gov in the feature, "Social Explorer Expands the Circle" Grant Award: Creating and Disseminating Tools to Teach with Demographic Data Maps and Materials Social Explorer, an interactive Web-based tool, allows students, researchers and others to cr... more
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FRIDAY, JUN 14, 2013

Social Explorer Wins Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement

We are pleased to announce that Social Explorer won the 2013 Interactive Media Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Reference Category. The Interactive Media Awards™ recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement.  Websites were judged five criteria: Design, Content, Feature Functionality, Usability and Standards Compliance. Created by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC), a... more
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MONDAY, JUN 03, 2013

Social Explorer Data and Analysis in NY Times Article on Race and Elite Professions

Decades after affirmative action began, the Supreme Court is now poised to rule in a case that could radically change these policies.  Advocates for and against affirmative action await the ruling by the Supreme Court on the potentially landmark case Fisher v. University of Texas, which alleges discrimination against white applicants in admission to the University of Texas. The question of whether blacks have achieved equality in the professional world is probed by ... more
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