FRIDAY, DEC 14, 2012

Newtown, Connecticut: A Demographic Profile of the Shooting Site

This morning, a gunman killed at least 20 children and six adults before shooting himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  Speculation about the crime swirls as details about this tragedy continue to emerge. Using detailed American Community Survey data from 2006-10, Social Explorer takes a look at who lives in Newtown. We also compared the area with Columbine, Colorado, the site of a tragic high school shooting in 1999, and Aurora, Colorado, where a movie theater shooting too... more
by Sydney Beveridge

TUESDAY, NOV 06, 2012

Election Day Demograpics: As Goes Ohio, So Goes the Nation

Today, Tuesday, November 6th, voters will determine political contests around the nation.  In honor of Election Day,  Social Explorer takes a closer look at one of the key swing states in the presidential race--Ohio.  With 11,536,504 residents, Ohio represents 3.7 percent of the U.S. population. You can create an Ohio map to explore the state's population (from 2010 census data).  Click around to explore more. Using the 2010 Census and the 2010 American Community Survey,  you can learn ... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, NOV 02, 2012

Residents in the Shadow of the Crane

As hurricane Sandy stormed through New York, a crane dangled from atop a luxury condo construction site at 157 West 57th Street in midtown Manhattan.  The storm has passed, but the crane still hangs as plans to secure it are put in place before construction on the 90-story $90 million per unit building can resume. Social Explorer takes a look at who lives in the shadow of the crane using data from the 2006-10 American Community Survey. Over 6,200 people live in census tract 137, many of w... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, SEP 21, 2012

Happy Unmarried and Single Americans Week!

This week is Unmarried and Single Americans Week.  Initially dubbed National Singles Week, the occasion was expanded to accommodate other un-partnered populations as well.  For over three decades, single Americans have been recognized with their own week.  The rise of living alone is also much-discussed topic, and  some notable singles have also earned recognition on this blog. In 1980 when the week was first instituted, unmarried and single Americans made up 42.7 percent of the adult populat... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, SEP 07, 2012

Happy National Grandparents Day!

Sunday, September 9th is National Grandparents Day.  First declared a holiday by President Carter in 1978, the occasion celebrates grandparents' contributions to family life and society.  Using Social Explorer, we can look at the number of grandparents in the US, and their relationships with their grandchildren.  Census and American Community Survey data show the role of grandparents over the past decade. In 2000, 5,771,671 grandparents lived with their own grandchildren (under 18 years o... more
by Sydney Beveridge

SUNDAY, APR 08, 2012

Your Passover, Easter and Tim Tebow Data Guide

[caption id="attachment_1854" align="left" width="229" caption="Tim Tebow in New York by artist Janet Hamlin (Newsday)"][/caption] On this Passover and Easter weekend, football enthusiasts may be celebrating another holiday--the arrival of Tim Tebow.  In her Newsday op-ed "Tim Tebow in the secular city," Hofstra religion Professor Julie Byrne explains that prayerful Tebow might fit right into his new town. Tebow and the Jets -- how's that going to fly? When it became public that Denver ... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, MAR 15, 2012

Happy St. Urho's Day Data from Social Explorer

While Irish eyes are smiling on St. Patrick's Day, many Finns are already celebrating St. Urho's Day.  The holiday was first celebrated in Minnesota on March 16th, which happens to be just before St. Patrick's Day. It honors the legendary Urho, the patron saint of vineyard workers.  As the story goes, he saved the grape crop from a grasshopper infestation with his horrible breath as he yelled, "Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen!"  (Grasshopper, grasshopper, go away!) Social Exp... more
by Sydney Beveridge

MONDAY, FEB 13, 2012

Turning Data into Dates

Cupid scours a trove of demographic data to guide his arrows.  This Valentine's Day, let Social Explorer help you map your way to love. Social Explorer's online tools help you look up information on the 57.5 million available men and 64.2 million available women across the nation.*  These bachelors and bachelorettes can be sorted by age group, geography and more as you develop your demographic dating plan. For instance, Donald Demographics wants to know where the single ladies are.  Us... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, DEC 22, 2011

Santa Data

Ever since his workshop signed up for a subscription, Santa has been a fan of Social Explorer.  This very moment, he's making his map...checking it twice. With the latest Census data, he can figure out how many occupied homes there are in the US (116,716,292 units) and where they're located. Occupied Homes Along Santa's Route (2010 Census) As he plans out his presents, Santa will surely want to know where children live.  With just a few clicks (and without stirring a single mouse), he can... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, OCT 28, 2011

Trick or Treat or Data

As we approach Halloween, ghosts and trick or treaters alike might wonder where the most ghoulish celebrations will be. Social Explorer’s tools allow them to examine data on religious cults and sects.  With data from the 2009 Religious Data Survey (from the Association of Religion Data Archives), users can research where cult and sect members worship and plan their haunting and candy routes accordingly. According to the data, there are 25 such congregations in the US, reporting 7,637 membe... more
by Sydney Beveridge

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