TUESDAY, APR 26, 2011

2010 Census Block Group Data Now Available on Social Explorer

In addition to offering nationwide census tract data for the 2010 census, Social Explorer now offers 2010 block group data. Block groups are smaller than census tracts--with about three block groups per tract--enabling users to access a new level of detailed information. As an example, here you can see 2010 vacancy rates in the West Village of Manhattan at the tract level: And the block group level: Check out Social Explorer's mapping and reporting tools to explore these new data, or... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, APR 14, 2011

New Social Explorer Features: Improved 1980 Data and Map Client

Social Explorer is having an 80s party, specifically a data party.  This week, Social Explorer unveiled a new and improved reporting system for 1980 data.  This upgrade offers a more flexible interface for users that is more consistent with other decades.  We now include virtually all of the major data released for 1980, not just a selection. Social Explorer also released a new map client with the ability to export a map image in a variety of resolutions (great for printing and sharing images... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, MAR 25, 2011

2010 Census Data for Entire US Now on Social Explorer and the NYT

Social Explorer announces today that the 2010 census data is now available for all US states and territories.  Fresh from the Census Bureau, this data set give users information about changes in population, race, ethnicity, and housing occupancy. The full version is available in the Premium edition, and population change data is available in the Free edition.  Social Explorer’s Professional Edition is now distributed by Oxford University Press.  You can signup for an institutional trial or su... more
by Sydney Beveridge

MONDAY, MAR 21, 2011

2010 Census Data for 42 States Now Available on Social Explorer

It's springtime and data are in bloom! Social Explorer has been adding 2010 data as the Census Bureau rolls it out state by state.  The following states are already available to our users. Alabama Iowa North Dakota Alaska Kansas Ohio Arizona Kentucky Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana Oregon California Maryland Pennsylvania Colorado Minnesota South Dakota Connecticut Mississippi Tennessee Delaware Missouri Texas Florida Montana ... more
by Sydney Beveridge


The Latest 2010 Data Now Available on Social Explorer

How has your state, your county, or your neighborhood changed since 2000?  Social Explorer’s new data from the 2010 Census will help you find out. The Census Bureau has been releasing redistricting data state-by-state from the 2010 census (specifically the PL94-171 file).   The first 42 states (plus Puerto Rico and D.C.) are already available on Social Explorer's map and report tools, and data for the entire nation will be ready over the next few weeks as it is released. Social Explorer's ... more
by Sydney Beveridge

TUESDAY, JAN 18, 2011

First Comprehensive Neighborhood Census Data Since 2000 Now on Social Explorer!

Social Explorer announces the release of the American Community Survey 2005-2009 (Five-Year File).  The American Community Survey (ACS) has replaced the famous Census “Long Form,” and collects data on a variety of important topics, including education, employment, income, citizenship, place of birth, migration, ancestry or ethnic background, health coverage and so much more. The New York Times and Social Explorer put together a selection of this data for a feature the day it was released, and... more
by Sydney Beveridge

FRIDAY, DEC 31, 2010

New Data for the New Year

On New Years Eve, Social Explorer reflects on a year of 2.9 million maps created by over 100,000 users.  Looking to 2011, we resolve to fatten up with new data and tools.  Here's the exciting new data diet we're sticking to: 1.  The entire release of the American Community Survey 2005-09 (coming early January). 2.  A tool that automatically adjusts Cost of Living for any year since 1913, and makes it possible to compare things like income distribution from year to year. 3. Release of th... more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, NOV 11, 2010

New Detailed Religion Data Now Available on Social Explorer

Social Explorer users now have access to new and detailed religion demographics from infoGROUP's American Church List (ACL) data for 2009.  The ACL provides the most complete and accurate database of churches and religious associated businesses with approximately 350,000 houses of worship. The data includes over 20 groups and 230 denominations, and are viewable by religious tradition or family.  The reports offer a detailed breakdown of each religion, such as this table for Jewish congregatio... more
by Sydney Beveridge


Coming Soon to Social Explorer: New Religion Data

Social Explorer will soon have access to new religion demographics from infoGROUP's American Church List (ACL) data. Users will be able to examine the data at different levels of detail, and view information about every congregation in the US. Building on Social Explorer's 1980, 1990 and 2000 religion data, this new data will enable a more thorough and current examination of religion in the US. more
by Sydney Beveridge

THURSDAY, OCT 07, 2010

2009 American Community Survey Data Now Available on Social Explorer

This week, Social Explorer unveils 2009 data, enabling subscribers to work with the most currently available demographic information. The data come from the American Community Survey (ACS), an extensive annual survey administered by the Census Bureau to a sample of about 3 million households nationwide.  Just one week after the Census Bureau released this data, Social Explorer added them to the site for users to explore. In concert with the decennial Census, Social Explorer’s 2007 estimate... more
by Sydney Beveridge

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